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Logos Prices

Professional Logo

Do you want a professional logo of your brand?

  • Vector resolution logo development

  • Logo in RGB format

  • Logo in CYMK format

  • Logo for white background

  • Logo declination for black background

  • Font delivery (for future publishing activities)

  • Mini iconic logo for Favicon site 

  • Circular logo for social channels (Facebook, Instagram and so)

  • Company color palettes references

This is the list of what we will provide you once you have commissioned the development

Price = 350 $

Coordinated image

Do you want to build the coordinated image and logo of your brand?

First, explain your goals, then evaluate the appropriate project. And, here are the design phases and what they must contain:

  • The initial focus on the target and target audience you want to reach

  • The marketing analysis of the product or service, to know how to place it in the market

  • Web marketing analysis to clarify online strategy

  • Analysis of the image of the company or brand, to design the logo and graphics.

At this point, you have a clear list of things necessary to build the coordinated image that interests you.

To be analyzed

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